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How To Spy On iPhone Without Having the Phone

How To Spy On iPhone Without Having the Phone

iPhones are one of the most secured mobile OS platform in the smartphone industry.

According to Apple, Native apps of iPhone are designed in such a way that external threats and malicious softwares have merely any impact on the device.

Though it’s not wrong to say Apple has done a lot to improve the privacy and security of it’s customers, but they are still far away from securing the users from out side threats.

Spy industry has grown by leaps and bounds and so the advancement in the spying procedure.

Earlier it was next to impossible to Spy On iPhone Without Having the Phone and without jailbreaking it, but recent developments have made it possible to Spy On iPhone Without Jailbreaking and without the target phone.

Pre-requisites before we Spy On iPhone Without Having the Phone :

  • A good Spy software is one which don’t let target to know spy software has been installed, silently monitors the iPhone, allows you to access the logs remotely from anywhere and the target is unaware of all these things happening at background. mSpy for Smartphones is one of the most advanced spying app that can Spy on iPhone without jailbreaking and accessing the target phone.

  • Apple ID and password of the target iPhone. Generally it’s pretty easy to get Apple ID of target if he/she is your child, boyfriend, girlfriend or spouse.

How To Spy On iPhone Without Having the Phone :

Step 1 : Got a copy of mSpy License? If not, here’s your 5% discount coupon – Spypundit5 that has been specially generated for our readers.

Step 2 : Follow the welcome mail you have received immediately when you have purchased the License copy of mSpy. Mail looks exactly what has been shown below :

Step 3 : Login to your mSpy Control panel and tap on Set up new device and select Set up new phone

Step 4 : It’s time to chose the platform. As we don’t have access to target iPhone, select iPhone (Without Jailbreak) and tap on Proceed.

Step 5 : It’s time to set up the device without having the access. I hope you are having the iCloud login credentials of target iPhone. In the mSpy Control panel, you’ll be asked to enter the credentials, fill the login details and tap on Verify.

Step 6 : Now you’ll see the target iPhone’s name and target Username, finally Tap on proceed.

Step 7 : Congratulations! You have successfully set up a Spy on target iPhone without having the access, just wait for few hours now and first logs will appear in your Control Panel.

I hope it was you successful attempt to Spy on iPhone without access to target phone and luckily we don;t even need a jailbroken device. We are all set to Spy On WhatsApp, Skype, Contacts, Call logs, Test messages, Browser history, Device usage and much more.

Facing any issues? Quote your problems in the comment section or shoot up a mail from Contact us section, we’ll try to follow up immediately.

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